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What is a Medi-facial?

This is a treatment mask that is customised to provide solutions to your skin concerns.  The mask does not require any skin preparation or after care, however clients will achieve advanced results if used in conjunction with the Aspect cosmeceutical skin care range.  The masks are a great alternative to chemical peels or can be used in conjunction with peel treatments.

What is involved in an Aspect Medi-facial treatment?

The customised infusion mask base formulated with natural hydrating plant based gels and specific extracts of soy is an advanced transdermal delivery vehicle specifically engineered to rapidly transport actives into the skin. Your Dermal Therapist will deep cleanse and prepare your skin prior to mask application.  The mask base is then mixed with prescribed quantities of concentrates and applied to skin for 10 minutes, and is then removed and followed with Aspect Hydrating Serum, Redless 21 and Aspect SPF 50 sun protection.  

The concentrates selected are based on your skins needs. Your Dermal Therapist is able to customise masks to treat the following:

  • Intensive Skin Firming/Anti-ageing

  • Clarifying/Lightening (age spots, chloasma, muddy discolourations)

  • Intensive Skin Firming/Clarifying/Lightening (Most skins after 40)

  • Anti-Redness

  • Blemish and Oil Control

  • ​Blemish Control/Lightening (Acne with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

How do the different concentrations benefit the skin?

Gold Vitamin C Concentrate: Lipid soluble Vitamin C enhances surface skin firmness and elasticity that often accompanies collagen depletion, antioxidant, lightening the appearance of discolourations.

Gold Brightening Concentrate: Tyrostat 11 is a patented concentrate of botanical Rumex Occidentalis that is clinically proved to fade the look of age spots and tan discolourations.  Also has excellent calmative/anti-redness action.

Gold Purifying Concentrate: Beracare AAA is an all-natural certified organic active consisting of Amazonian Rainforest plants.  Clinically proved to control seborrhoea and diminish the appearance of blemishes.

CosMedix Medi-Facials:

Medi-facials complement any home care routine. If you’re looking for additional exfoliation, deep intense moisture or to draw out excess oil and impurities, a problem-solving mask is a perfect fit. By allowing concentrated ingredients to sit on the skin they can work longer for better results. Consult with your Dermal Therapist to find a medi-facial that best suits your skin type.

What are the 3 types of CosMedix Medi-facials?

DETOX: This charcoal and clay based mask, gently exfoliates skin, draws out impurities and effectively cleanses away pollutants for a visibly brighter, more radiant complexion.

GLOW: This brightening mask helps remove dead surface cells to provide optimal absorption of brightening ingredients and reduce the appearance of discoloration, uneven skin tone and roughness for smoother, brighter and luminous looking skin.

RESTORE: This ultra moisturizing mask visually plumps skin to help smooth out wrinkles and refine skin texture.

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