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Territory Laser Clinic is Darwin's only fully qualified Dermal Therapy Clinic specialising in skin, laser and cosmetic treatments, and is owned and operated by Holly Copping, a fully qualified Dermal Therapist and IPL/Laser Safety Officer.

In 2010, Holly became the first Dermal Therapist in the Northern Territory after graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science. In addition, Holly is a Syneron Candela Laser Certified Practitioner, APAN Registered Aesthetics Practitioner - Clinician, and Gold Degree Qualified Member of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN).  

Joining Holly is Sydney-based Australian qualified and trained Cosmetic Physician Dr Herbert Hooi who has been performing cosmetic medical treatments for over 17 years (since 2007). Holly and Dr Hooi first met in 2010, 14 years ago when they commenced working together in Canberra, prior to Territory Laser Clinic opening it's doors in 2012. Dr Hooi became TLC's resident injecting Doctor in 2013. 

Why Territory Laser Clinic?

The concept of Territory Laser Clinic is to provide specialised skin and laser treatments to clients under the care of fully qualified practitioners called Dermal Therapists.

Territory Laser Clinic delivers personalised state-of-the-art treatments incorporating the latest laser technology from around the world as well as cosmeceutical grade skin care sourced from Australia and overseas. 

The motive behind opening Territory Laser Clinic was to address an unmet demand for fully qualified Dermal Therapists to deliver advanced skin and laser treatments to the people in remote areas such as the Northern Territory and Northern parts of Western Australia.

We are an award-winning laser clinic!

In 2019, Territory Laser Clinic won Clinic of the Year in the inaugural AST Skin Masters Awards. Proudly we also won the Loyalty Award for 10+ years with AST. We also won Clinic of the Year in 2013.  

Territory Laser Clinic won a coveted national award in its first year of business. We are the National NEIS Association winner of Best New Business 2013, the first Territory business to win this national award. Holly Copping was nominated for the award by Mission Australia who recognised the enormous benefit Territory Laser Clinic has in helping Territorians who require specialised skin and laser treatment under the care of fully qualified Dermal Therapists.

As a Dermal Therapist, I enjoy using my knowledge and expertise to change people's lives and I'm committed to helping Territorians for the rest of my life" says Holly. 

What makes Holly different to other therapists?


Holly is a born and bred Northern Territorian and understands first-hand the impact our climate can have on our skin.  Suffering from acne from the age of 12 and spending every last cent trying to save her own skin, Holly developed a personal interest in skin care and qualified with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy through the AIAS (Australian Institute of Applied Sciences) in Queensland.  


Realising that traditional beauty therapy has limitations she decided to increase her knowledge and qualified as a Dermal Therapist upon completing an Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science, through the AACDS (Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science) in Perth, which took two years.  Holly is featured in the AACDS's latest advertising campaign, and her face is proudly displayed on the walls of the Institution as a successful graduate.

Holly has just returned from Canberra where she worked as a Dermal Therapist and Manager of a Cosmetic Clinic.  During her time away she realised Darwin did not have a fully qualified Dermal Therapist working with lasers and providing real solutions to skin issues.  She resigned from her position, came home, and opened Territory Laser Clinic.


Holly is permanently home now and here to stay.  "After leaving Darwin twice and living elsewhere for 3 years, we truly have such a great lifestyle.  You just don't realise it until you leave home.  We are extremely lucky in the Top End" Holly says.  

For those who haven't met Holly before you will be relieved when you do; relieved that she listens, knows what she's talking about, can perform her job with skill, doesn't have dollar signs flashing before her eyes, thankfully has a sense of humour, is genuine and perhaps one of the most empathetic people on the planet.


For those who know Holly already, she is extremely passionate about her industry, and dedicated to meeting and exceeding client’s expectations.  She aims to ensure her clients will experience safe and effective results orientated treatments.  Holly enjoys working with people, and gains great personal satisfaction helping others.  She looks forward to seeing her old clientele again, as well as many new faces. 

What is a Dermal Therapist?

A Dermal Therapist is a title used to describe someone who performs specialised Dermal Therapy treatments such as laser, IPL, chemical peels, skin needling, microdermabrasion and other advanced beauty/cosmetic procedures.  These types of treatments were traditionally performed in a medical setting; however they are fast becoming the mainstay treatment modalities of non-medical beauty clinics/salons.


A Dermal Therapist has completed a formal qualification in the field of dermal therapy at a level higher and beyond Diploma of Beauty Therapy, therefore has additional credentials to a beauty therapist.  They are recognised by professional bodies in cosmetic medicine; AAFPS (Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery), CPSA (Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia) and ACCS (Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery).  In addition to specialising in dermal therapies, the Dermal Therapist can also offer advice/consultations in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and pre and post-operative care.


Is a Dermal Therapist different to a Beauty Therapist or a Paramedical Aesthetician?


Quite simply YES. 


Beauty therapy courses do NOT specialise in dermal therapy treatments.  Traditional beauty therapy training does not provide the theory and practical competencies required to safely and effectively perform dermal therapies.


A Paramedical Aesthetician is a title often used to describe a therapist who performs some or all dermal therapies and/or works in a medical setting.  This title holds no weight in the beauty/cosmetic industry as it is often given upon completion of a 2 to 5 day course which lacks the high level of theoretical knowledge necessary to perform safe and effective dermal therapies.  Furthermore they may receive NO hands-on practical training.  This title is thought to mislead consumers into thinking the therapist has some type of paramedical or medical training.


Only operators who hold a formal qualification in Dermal Therapies can use the title Dermal Therapist, however the title is unregulated.  This means some unqualified operators use the title for their own commercial advantage. 


To determine if your therapist is qualified, ask if they have completed a nationally accredited dermal therapy qualification.  Such qualification should also be on display in the clinic. 


Why is it important to ensure dermal therapies are being carried out by a fully qualified Dermal Therapist?


Procedures performed by a Dermal Therapist are more likely to carry risk in comparison to the traditional Beauty Therapist. 


The most common claim against the Beauty Therapist is burning with IPL or Laser.  We see complications all too often being reported on television shows such as Today Tonight and A Current Affair. 


Recently Choice Magazine published an article about Permanent Hair Reduction and untrained operators.  Choice referred to the industry as a "free for all" stating that "With the exceptions of Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia, the laser industry is unregulated and powerful medical lasers and IPLs are accessible to untrained and inexperienced personnel."  


In this article Associate Professor Lee Collins, director of the medical physics department at Westmead Hospital in Sydney who conducts laser safety training said "Anyone in the unregulated states/territories can buy a laser or IPL machine and start treating people.  The more people realise there's a quid to be made, the more people are going to get into it without the appropriate training."   


The following links are examples of media stories relating to dermal therapies. 

Report on 'Long term hair removal guide' (Choice)

Report on 'Non-surgical cosmetic treatments' (Choice)

Report on ‘IPL burns from a top London spa‘ (Rosacea Support Group)

Report on 'Horror laser therapy burns prompt regulation calls' (Dermatology Update)

Report on 'I was scarred by laser hair removal' (Daily Mail Australia)

Report on 'Tattoo removal scarring the nation as unregulated laser machines take aim' (

Report on ‘Laser treatment warning' (Ninemsn)

Repot on 'Scarred women shine light on laser burns scandal' (The Age)

Report on 'Laser surgery scars' (Ninemsn)


How do I reduce the risk of potential complications occurring?

All dermal therapy treatments have 'expected' side effects; those that we know and expect to occur, as well as potential complications; those we DON'T expect to happen.  A fully qualified Dermal Therapist can clearly inform clients about the difference between expected side effects and potential complications of their treatments.  If a complication was to occur, the Dermal Therapist is trained to handle your complication professionally.  A Dermal Therapist knows exactly what to do if a complication was to arise. 


To be fair, even extremely well trained and meticulous Dermal Therapist's cannot guarantee a 100% complication-free treatment; due to the amount of treatment variables and individual factors they deal with.  However being treated by a fully qualified and experienced Dermal Therapist will ensure you that complications are few and far between. On the other hand, if the therapist is unqualified, has had substandard training, and fails to understand their duty of care, it significantly increases your risk of potential complications occurring.

How do I find a fully qualified Dermal Therapist?


To determine if your therapist is fully qualified, ALWAYS ask if they have completed a nationally accredited dermal therapy qualification. Such qualification should also be on display in the clinic.

Rest assured Holly is a graduate of the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) in Perth and is Darwin and the Northern Territory's first fully qualified Dermal Therapist.

Holly Copping

Dermal Therapist

Adv. Dip. of Cosmetic Dermal Science

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