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Candela Laser Skin Rejuvenation​


What is Photo Rejuvenation?

Photo rejuvenation involves the treatment of surface skin irregularities such as benign pigmented and vascular lesions using a light based system such a laser.  At Territory Laser Clinic we use the Candela GentleMax Pro medical grade laser; the industry's premier and most powerful laser, delivering optimal results with minimal side effects.  We were the first clinic in the Northern Territory to own and operate Candela lasers and Dermal Therapist Holly Copping is a Syneron Candela Laser Certified Practitioners.


Can laser treat pigmentation?


Laser can be used to treat pigmented lesions such as freckles, solar lentigines (age spots), mottled hyperpigmentation, epidermal melasma and café au lait birthmarks.  A pigmented lesion is caused by an abnormal production of melanin which then becomes visible on the skins surface.  Most lesions occur due to sun exposure however can also be triggered by hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, medications and menopause.  


Lasers work by delivering light energy into the skin which is absorbed by the melanin within the pigmented lesion.  Heat then causes thermal damage sufficient enough to destroy the melanin thereby removing the lesion.  Within 5-10 minutes the lesion will darken and form a micro-crust which gradually falls off leaving lighter clearer skin.


Can laser treat vessels?


Laser can also be used to treat vascular lesions such as telangiectasia (facial vessels), hemangiomas, port wine stains, Rosacea, diffuse redness and poikiloderma of civatte (a combination of pigmentation and vessels).  Vascular lesions are often the result of genetics, sun exposure, extreme temperatures and hormonal factors.


Lasers work on vascular areas by heating the haemoglobin molecules in red blood cells. The heat from the laser destroys the red blood cells and then transfers to the vessel wall.  For effective damage to transpire, the entire vessel wall must receive sufficient heating.  The vessels will either clear immediately or appear darker, and erythema (redness) and swelling may appear on the skins surface.


Who performs the laser treatments?


Holly Copping is a fully qualified Dermal Therapist and Certified Candela Laser Practitioner, and offer laser treatments for skin tightening, collagen stimulation and wrinkle reduction.

What is the treatment process?

As with all dermal therapies, the consultation is essential to provide a desirable outcome for both patient and therapist.  During a consultation the therapist should assess skin type and skin condition being treated, and refer to doctor if further assessment is required. It is also important to discuss contraindications, discuss how treatment works, estimate the number of treatment sessions, discuss side effects of treatment and potential complications, advise the costs, a consent form must be signed and then any test patches can be performed.  

During a consultation, the therapist will also ask a number of questions to determine a candidates suitability for treatment.  It is important to postpone a treatment when a candidate presents with recent unprotected sun exposure, tanned skin, fake tan, known photosensitising reaction, and open lesions and cuts. Other factors affecting treatment outcome will need to be taken into consideration.  These include post treatment sun exposure, medications such as the oral contraceptive pill, topical steroid use, and hormonal changes such as pregnancy. Lastly, the therapist needs to inform the patient how to look after their skin post treatment.

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