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Laser Tattoo Removal

NEW TO TLC AND NOW AVAILABLE!!! PREPAY & SAVE: Prepay 6 or more treatments = 20% DISCOUNT 














The fine print:

Single treatment price is for one laser treatment. Prices are GST inclusive.

PREPAY & SAVE: Treatment prices are discounted by 20% when prepaying a series of 6 or more laser treatments. Prepay & save discount is sold per area, do not expire, and are non-transferable between clients.

Comprehensive tattoo consultations are 30 minutes and cost $35. To confirm your consultation appointment booking, we require the full consultation fee to be prepaid at least 24 hours prior. In the event the fee has not been prepaid, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. We may or may not notify you of the cancellation. 

To view our cancellation and refund policy ​click here.

We are not required to provide you with a refund if you change your mind. To view the Northern Territory Consumer Affairs refunds and returns policy click here.

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