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​Laser Versus Waxing


How does laser compare to waxing?


Have you ever considered how much money is wasted each year waxing various body parts?  Well now you don't have to as I have done the maths for you!


Below is a comparison chart based on the brazilian region, which is the most popular area lasered in my clinic. The figures show how much money would be spent on waxing versus lasering the area over a 30 year period.  


Although treatment costs might seem more compared to waxing per treatment, remember with my medical grade laser, you will only need to do a course of 6 sessions initially, not for the rest of your life.


You will require maintenance treatments to treat any hairs that grow back but you should only have to do one or two of these sessions per year. 










Costs used in the chart are as follows:


Cost of brazilian laser treatment was $95 per session. By the end of year 1, 6 laser treatments were performed. Each year thereafter, 2 maintenance sessions were completed until year 30 - which is a fair and reasonable estimate for all age groups.


Cost of waxing was $50 per session. Based on the average wax requirement, one waxing session was completed per month, totaling 12 per year. Each year thereafter, 12 waxing sessions were completed - which is a fair and reasonable estimate for all age groups.


Using the GentleMax Pro medical grade laser, how many treatments will I require?

As a guide, most patients initially require only 6 treatments to reach 80% reduction. In addition, yearly maintenance is required to keep the reduction. Most patients will have 1-2 maintenance sessions per year. Treatments are fast and effective and have no downtime so can be completed in lunch breaks.


Will laser get rid of my ingrown hairs?


Absolutely! I find most people suffering from ingrown hairs have been waxing for many years. In addition, I have seen some horrific scars due to patients picking out ingrown hairs.


The whole purpose of laser treatment is to produce either no hair or a finer, slower growing hair. If you reduce the number of follicles by 80% or more, you will be less likely to suffer from ingrown hairs. 


Laser also helps to improve patients skin texture and colour. Some darker skins suffer from pigmentation as a result of hair growth, whilst fairer skins develop the '5 o'clock shadow' in areas such as underarms. Both issues are resolved with laser hair reduction treatments. 


Are GentleMax Pro treatments safe, and are there any side effects?


​Laser and light-based treatments have been safely used for many years for a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures.  All treatment results are individual, but most procedures have a low risk of adverse side effects.  In rare cases, some patients experience pigment changes that generally vanish over time. 

At Territory Laser Clinic your treatments are being performed by Holly Copping; owner and fully qualified Dermal Therapist and IPL/Laser Safety Officer, ensuring potential complications, side effects and risks are kept to a minimum.  Holly is also a Syneron Candela Laser Certified Practitioners.

​How much do treatments cost?


Treatment cost depends on the area being treated. Discuss your personal needs with your Dermal Therapist.

At Territory Laser Clinic, we believe that everyone should have access to the best technology, delivered by medically qualified professionals. So to ensure our patients get the best deal possible, we do offer significant discounts through monthly specials as well as package deals on hair removal, whilst not compromising on your safety or the results we achieve. In addition we can remove 80% or more of your hair in ONLY 6 SESSIONS which saves you time and money!

Click here for Territory Laser Clinic's price list. Click here for more information regarding receiving your first treatment half price, money saving prepayment packages, and combine and save discounts. 

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