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Keeping you safe in an unregulated IPL/Laser Industry

In the Northern Territory there is NO REQUIREMENT to achieve any level of formal qualification in order to perform advanced treatments such as IPL and Laser - quite frightening really!

In an unregulated industry, not all clinics in Darwin offer college degree qualified therapists, which is concerning. As the popularity of laser and IPL treatments increase, cheap prices do not guarantee a safe professional result.

Over the past few years there has been an influx of discount hair removal outlets opening in Darwin, and lot of mistruths about what is safe, what works and what qualifications should be required to perform treatments. This is an unregulated industry in the NT and as the popularity of hair removal sky rockets, price, rather than safety and efficacy, has become the main concern. It is a worrying trend. 

Rest assured, at Territory Laser Clinic, YOU WILL RECEIVE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE laser treatment, delivered by college educated FULLY QUALIFIED Dermal Therapists, IPL/Laser Safety Officers and Syneron Candela Laser Certified Practitioners.

All laser equipment is TGA-approved and is regularly maintained and serviced by accredited technicians. 

Holly represents the NT as spokesperson for the IPL and Laser Technical Advisory Committee. The committee determines priority areas for the future of training in IPL and Laser in Australia, ensuring the industry eventually has access to highly skilled laser practitioners. Holly is passionate about industry regulation and supports future developments in these areas.

Holly often sees first-hand mistakes made by non-physician laser operators.   


Holly's best advise is "When considering laser treatments, it's not about getting the cheapest treatment done, rather the safest, so choose wisely. Always ensure your therapist has had adequate levels of training. Their certification should be on display in the clinic". If you are unsure, ask them to show you their level of qualification.

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