Cosmetic Medical Treatments


Dr Hooi is Sydney-based and injects at TLC every 6 WEEKS. His next visit is 5 - 7TH OF MAY 2022! Consultations are free if you have a treatment on the same day or $110 if you don't. If you have a treatment within 12 months of the initial consult, the $110 fee is deducted off the treatment cost.

Who performs Cosmetic Medical Treatments at Territory Laser Clinic?​

We are very lucky to have 12 year experienced Sydney Cosmetic Physician Dr Herbert Hooi, MBBS (Syd) LLB (Hons) (UWA) FACEM administering cosmetic medical treatments. 

Dr Herbert Hooi is an Australian qualified and trained Cosmetic Physician based in Sydney, NSW.  At Territory Laser Clinic Dr Hooi specialises in Anti-wrinkle InjectionsDermal Fillers and PRP.  With an appreciation of beauty and a keen eye for detail, Dr Hooi can offer his patients safe and effective treatments and natural looking results.  

Enhancing Nature’s Work...naturally - one must have a masterful eye for beauty and an appreciation of the scientific principles underlying any cosmetic medical procedure to truly achieve great results.  Dr Hooi specialises in a comprehensive range of non-surgical treatments that help you to enhance your appearance and stay looking younger!  


For more information regarding Dr Hooi and to gain access to his blog click here.  Dr Hooi's blog keeps you up to date with all his latest information regarding treatments, conferences and training.  

What Cosmetic Medical Treatments are offered at Territory Laser Clinic?



Dr Hooi has over 12 years expertise in anti-wrinkle injections for facial expression lines, excessive sweating and migraine reduction; dermal fillers for enhancing lips and cheeks, filling in facial hollows and other areas on the body' and we have fat dissolving injections available for consistent treatment of localised fat deposits under the chin and on the body.


Dr Hooi is one of the most experienced users of PRP in Australia for skin and body rejuvenation. We can offer PRP for rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, chest and for the more intimate areas. PRP can be used in combination with other treatments to enhance the results. PRP is the underlying basis of the Vampire treatments - Vampire Face Lift, O-Shot and P-Shot.


Dr Hooi brings the latest Korean sensation for non-surgical facial rejuvenation and lifting, PDO threads. PDO is a safe biologically compatible product that completely dissolves in the body over time, stimulating collagen as it dissolves. Careful placement in the skin of the face can result in lower face tightening, jawline and cheek improvement and brow lifting. We can also rejuvenate necks, arms and other areas of the body.