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Reclaim youthful, brighter skin with Allumera:

Allumera is the first of a new class of photodynamic cosmetic procedures. Allumera is a light-activated, topical cream designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin by acting as a photodynamic cosmetic agent. It is a non-invasive procedure that can complement and enhance the effect noted by light-based devises such as OMNILUX medical-grade LED light therapy now available EXCLUSIVELY to Territory Laser Clinic. Allumera offers proven results to fine lines, elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, discolouration and pore size. ALLUMERA IS AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY TO TERRITORY LASER CLINIC.

What are the key benefits?

Allumera has been proven to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet

  • Minimise the appearance of pore size

  • Revitalise skin for a younger looking, clearer complexion

  • Helps improve skin firmness and elasticity, creating a more supple appearance

  • Improve overall skin tone and texture

How does it work?

Allumera targets the superficial layers of the skin to improve the overall appearance including fine lines, elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, discolouration and pore size, with minimal downtime. Allumera targets only the damaged cells. A controlled wound is created within the skin therefore the skin clears out the old cells and makes way for the new cells. Allumera has been laboratory tested and has proven results.

Experience radiant skin with long-lasting results:

A non-invasive treatment with minimal downtime, Allumera helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Allumera is an ideal add on to medical grade OMNILUX LED Light Therapy, (available exclusively at Territory Laser Clinic) for patients that are looking for:

  • A non-invasive procedure with little to no downtime

  • A procedure that's ideal for event preparation

  • A more youthful appearance

  • Increasing skin radiance and glow

  • Long lasting results


What patients and Dermal Therapists are seeing...

Within a 5 months controlled study, patients experienced a 44% reduction in the appearance of pores, 3 months post 3rd procedure. Patients reported feeling more confident and noticed a big difference in their skin, including a reduction in pore size. 

Proven to improve the overall appearance of skin:

What patients are saying about Allumera...(survey conducted 3 months after the patients 3rd procedure)...

A safety and efficacy study of Allumera and skin illumination revealed that:


  • 93% of patients said their skin felt softer

  • 91% of patients said their skin felt more hydrated, moisturised and smoother

  • 89% of patients said their skin texture was improved

  • 86% of patients said their skin looked and felt healthier

  • 73% of patients saw a reduction in wrinkles

How often are treatments performed?

Most patients will have 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. You will see results immediately after the first treatment is completed. Patients can receive medical grade OMNILUX LED light therapy in between Allumera. 

When can the patient expect to see results?

Most patients see immediate results upon completion of the treatment (as they are hoping off the bed actually!). Patients receiving 3 procedures spaced 4 weeks apart continued to notice aesthetic results 3 months after their last procedure. 

How is Allumera tolerated by the patient?

Allumera is well tolerated by patients, most commenting that it's a relaxing treatment. There is no need for topical anaesthetic or other means of pain relief. Patients can return to work immediately post treatment as there is no downtime.


Some patients may experience a mild to moderate prickling, stinging or burning sensation during and immediately after the procedure. Severe discomfort is rare. Some patients may experience a mild redness. For the majority, this should dissipate within 2 - 3 days. Mild redness lasting more than one week is rare. Moderate to severe redness is rare. Mild swelling is rare and should dissipate within 2 - 3 days. Some patients may experience mild skin dryness. If any of these or other symptoms occur, contact your Dermal Therapist.

Who should be treated with Allumera?

Allumera is ideal for patients who desire the latest in non-invasive procedures to improve the overall appearance of the skin, reduce the outward signs of ageing, and minimise the appearance of pores with minimal downtime and results that last.

Suitable for:

  • Ageing skin

  • Photodamaged

  • Thickened

  • Hyperpigmented

  • Lacklustre

  • Open pores

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

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