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Hydration is one of the most important aspects of skincare. The Aspect Dr Resveratrol Moisturising Cream is one of the most hydrating creams you will find on the market. It soothes the skin, while softening and balancing. This moisturiser is magnificently creamy, but doesn’t feel greasy. Your skin will soak up the cream and you’ll soon start to notice exceptionally softer, healthier looking skin. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring component in the skin of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It works by not only hydrating the skin, but serving as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from damaging free radicals. Whether you’re concerned about environmental damage or the aging process in general, the Aspect Dr Resveratrol Moisturising Cream will start reversing the damage as soon as you start using it. Resveratrol not only protects against environmental and sun damage, it stimulates collagen synthesis, which helps keep the skin plump, firm, and glowing. After using this product on a regular basis, you will notice a definite difference in your skin. The fine lines and wrinkles will begin to fade away. Dark spots will lighten, and your skin will begin to develop a healthy glow.


AU$99.00 Regular Price
AU$79.20Sale Price
  • Daily Mosituriser with Resveratrol

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